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March 9, 2022

Storytelling with Bijan Ghobani

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Episode Overview

Bijan Ghorbani is the creator of the top-rated storytelling training at Google. In this episode, he joins Tony to share his Three Points on Storytelling including:

  1. How to empathise with your audience
  2. Why preparation is the key to success
  3. And why decision-making is always driven by emotion

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Episode Guest

Bijan Ghorbani on the Three Points Podcast

Bijan Ghorbani

After five years in the creative ad industry working with world renowned brands, Bijan joined the large customer sales team at Google in 2015.

Before all that, Bijan studied International Business and marketing in France and Human Behavioural Biology at Stanford.

He is passionate about inspiring people to masterfully deliver amazing stories, and develop their public speaking and presentation skills.

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