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We have been fortunate to work with and inspire some of the best leaders around the world.

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Meet Tony McGaharan, founder of People Playbook.

Tony is a native of Belfast, Coach (on and off the basketball court) and founder of People Playbook. He is a people development expert with a passion for creative learning design and engaging facilitation.

Throughout his career, Tony has pursued roles which align with his passion and skills for people, learning and development.

Tony's career journey has included a variety of roles across the globe. He has held positions as a high school teacher, peace-builder, and professional basketball coach. Tony joined Google as an Account Strategist and later took on a Staffing Business Partner role. It was his experience as a Learning Program Manager and Global L&D Leader at Google which inspired Tony to start a new professional adventure, founding People Playbook in 2020.

Tony McGaharan, Founder of People Playbook
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The story, so far.

People Playbook started with the purpose of creating and facilitating more engaging learning experiences across the world. As the beginning of the business coincided with the global pandemic, Tony spent the first year pivoting to facilitating workshops online from his bedroom office.

As many organizations were looking for ways to adapt to the new ways of working, we had the benefit of being a one-person company that was just getting started. Tony had spent most of his career leading people, managing learning programs, and facilitating in distributed teams. This created opportunities for Tony to leverage his ability to work effectively in the remote and online environment.

The marketplace opened up for People Playbook. It was no longer focused on solely offering services to the UK and Ireland. The whole world became smaller with many organizations moving to a work-from-home or hybrid working model. People Playbook's initial clients in the first two years included a number of global companies such as Trustpilot, Ubisoft and Google.

People Playbook is growing – in a sustainable and thoughtful way. We have three people working full-time in our team who collaborate closely to provide the best possible client experience, manage our operations seamlessly, produce creative and effective visual assets, and deliver engaging learning experiences.

Our real strength is in our Playmaker community. We have a team of diverse talent across the world who are experts and share our purpose – more engaging learning experience. It's through this community, we are able to tackle people development challenges and remove limitations when it comes to how we best serve our clients.

We're excited to continue partnering with existing and new clients, exploring new ways to make leadership and team development more purposeful, connected and collaborative.

We continue to design and facilitate online workshops and programs. Many of our clients want to provide engaging learning experiences for their global and distributed teams. Although, we have noticed a post-lockdown shift towards more in-person events for teams and companies. In recent years, we have facilitated in-person sessions in Europe, Middle-East and the US.