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March 8, 2023

The Squiggly Manager with Helen Tupper

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Episode Overview

Helen Tupper is the co-founder of Amazing If: a company that along with her business partner Sarah Ellis, has inspired millions of people around the world through books, podcasts and TED Talks. Their mission is “making careers better for everyone.”

In this episode, she shares her three points on being a Squiggly Manager including:

  • Ask more questions than you answer
  • Personalise people's progression
  • Empower others to squiggle & stay

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Helen Tupper on the Three Points Podcast

Helen Tupper

Helen Tupper is the co-founder and CEO of Amazing If, a company with an ambition to make careers better for everyone.

Together with her business partner Sarah Ellis, she is the author of two Sunday Times bestsellers The Squiggly Career and You Coach You.

Their Squiggly Careers podcast is the UKs #1 careers podcast and their TEDx talk The best career path isn’t always a straight line has been watched by more than 1.7m people.

Helen also works as a Trustee for Working Families, a UK charity with a mission to support families and carers with their work and life commitments.

Prior to Amazing If she held leadership roles for Microsoft, Virgin and BP and was awarded the FT & 30% Club’s Women in Leadership MBA Scholarship.

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