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May 26, 2023

Freedom from Self-Imposed Pressure with Ash Rama

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Episode Overview

Ash Rama is VP of People at Mention Me. He’s also a Personal Coach and Hypnotherapist.

In this episode, he shares his three points on managing self-imposed pressure including:

  • Understanding the race you’re running
  • Competing with yourself
  • Learning what ‘optimum’ means for you

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Ash Rama on the Three Points Podcast

Ash Rama

Ash Rama is obsessed with helping people to unlock their potential, where ever they might be on their journey.

Ash’s career started in sales and quickly moved into people development which included sales training, leadership development and coaching. Having worked at Trustpilot and currently VP People at Mention Me, he has managed global L&D, Talent and People teams.To further his capabilities, Ash studied psychology and qualified as a hypnotherapist, giving him a unique approach to coaching and development.

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