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January 26, 2022

Positive Thinking with Richard Boyle

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Episode Overview

Richard Boyle is a Therapist with a passion for tech. In this episode, he joins Tony to share his three-points on Positive Thinking including:

  1. Why positive thinking is not a luxury
  2. How positive thinking changes our brain
  3. And what it means to ‘practice positivity’

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Episode Guest

Richard Boyle on the Three Points Podcast

Richard Boyle

Richard Boyle is a therapist of many hats from Ireland who has spent time in software, music, the corporate world and prison (as a counsellor).

He’s passionate about the space where technology and therapy overlap and after working as an in-house therapist at Google for many years, he’s now exploring the brave new world of virtual facilitation (including corporate workshops, therapy on OnlyFans and working with People Playbook).

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