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April 3, 2024

Empathetic Leadership with Dr. Kim Howell

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Episode Overview

Kim is a psychologist and learning and development expert who is passionate about helping leaders excel. She has developed and facilitated learning programs for global organizations that are impactful and transformational. She believes that good leaders have the power to inspire and build stronger workplaces and workforces through empathy and engaged leadership.

In this episode, Kim shares her three points on “empathetic leadership”.

  1. How To Be Vulnerable and not get fired in the process.
  2. How to be mindful - even if your mind is full.
  3. How to be flexible or transparent

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Episode Guest

Dr. Kimberly Howell

Dr. Kim Howell’s approach to learning and coaching combines radical compassion, amplification of the margins, and irreverence toward the status quo. Her seminal research highlights how the culture of place affects the marginalized, and she has since presented and published works on topics such as marginalization, body image, and innovations in adult learning.

Kim received her MA and PhD in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, MBA in management and organizational behavior from California Lutheran University, and BA in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. She is a contributing author in Seeing in the Dark: Wisdom Works by Black Women in Depth Psychology.

Kim’s personal passions include 80s metal bands, pop psychology, and dog-earing issues of Vogue. You can learn more about Kim at

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