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February 7, 2024

Leading Startups with Gibran Khan

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Episode Overview

Gibran Khan was previously responsible for managing the alumni programs at Google for Startups. Having a deep understanding of the founder's journey, Gibran identified the areas where Google could provide the most support to founders and developed programs to assist them in building startups that have a lasting impact on the community.

In this episode, Gibran shares his three points on “what it takes to lead a start-up”.

  1. Effective founders communicate their vision
  2. Using ‘no’ as a framework
  3. Startups reflect their founders' qualities

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Gibran Khan

Gibran enjoys collaborating with entrepreneurs from all over the world and discovering the common threads in their journeys, regardless of their location. As a coach for storytelling and pitching, Gibran prioritizes listening, building value, and crafting compelling stories about how founders worldwide perceive that value.

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