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Bijan Ghorbani

Master Storyteller

Bijan is a master storyteller dedicated to empowering individuals and organisations through his passion for the art and science of effective communication.

With over a decade of expertise in the digital marketing industry, spanning sales and enablement roles, Bijan has emerged as a beacon of communication and collaboration.

His profound insights into storytelling are a product of rigorous academic pursuits in business, marketing, and behavioural biology, combined with hands-on experience working with eminent global brands across diverse sectors.

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Bijan Ghorbani

All of our playmakers have a diverse skill range that allow them to participate and facilitate in a wide range of our workshops.



Learn how to craft a narrative, tailor your message, and deliver an impactful story.



Learn how to better understand others' motivations, develop psychological safety, and engage empathy in your relationships.



Learn how to prepare your message, create the best conditions for a successful outcome, and deliver effective feedback.


Accepting Help

Learn how to get outside of your head, simplify your requests, and create equity for everybody, through accepting better help.


Self Awareness

Discover hidden strengths, potential blind spots and preferred ways of working.


Psychological Safety

Learn how to create greater psychological safety, foster a culture of openness and improve team effectiveness.

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Bijan Ghorbani is the creator of the top-rated storytelling training at Google. In this episode, he joins Tony to share his Three Points on Mastering Storytelling.

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