Don't just take our word for it.
Head of Sales

"We had an amazing day today, full of rich, playful and creative experiences. We made a song with the entire management team. We learnt a lot about each other, secrets were shared and talents were discovered. The outcome is a real song we are super proud of!"

Shivana Maharaj
Global Operations

"We partnered with People Playbook twice. Each session was specifically curated to fit our team’s needs. They invested time to understand our biggest challenges and the output was tangible. The whole experience left us wishing we had more time together. People Playbook helped advance our team goals in a fun an engaging manner."

Jitka Foralova
Global Talent Development Partner

"People Playbook has been crucial in shaping our company leadership development offering. The team delivered a 5-star job - close attention to our needs, creative design, engaging delivery and lots of thoughts around how to embed the learning within our organization - all that combined with reliability and fun. People Playbook is an absolute pleasure to work with."

Julie Cossen Jensen
Head of HR (CEU)

"People Playbook facilitators bring an amazing energy to any workshop they facilitate and are fantastic at building rapport with each attendee. They are a powerful team: creative, engaging and immediately create a safe space for each attendee to inspire reflections, learnings and actions. Their workshops have had a really meaningful and positive impact in a short period of time."

Tim Harrison
Vice President

“People Playbook provided a refreshing approach to team building. They created an engaging environment where everyone felt they could join in and have fun, while also developing valuable workplace skills. It was a pleasure to work with their team right through the process of brainstorming ideas to hosting the Team Development Day. The focus areas for the day included communication, accountability and assertiveness, and as a result of their innovative approach, People Playbook delivered above and beyond our expectations.”

Rajita Saxena
Learning & Development Business Partner

"Tony is a role model for being a communicator with strong presentation and storytelling skills. His ability to adapt his communication style to the audience he’s speaking to, helps him build strong connections and get things done. Tony demonstrates strong communication skills, executive presence and gravitas to work with stakeholders at all levels."

Biren Kalaria
Director, Client Solutions & Analytics

"People Playbook worked with my leadership group to rethink and refresh our purpose. Their approach is inspiring! The team developed a day that enabled thoughtful and informed discussion and, most importantly, commitment on how we would embed our purpose across our org as leaders. It was a pleasure working with People Playbook at all stages."

Rajvi Shah
Global Talent Development Partner

"People Playbook brings fun into learning difficult skills. Their playful approach works in creating impactful learning experiences. If you want to deliver something different and innovative, then People Playbook is for you! Genius ways to bring learning to life appealing to different generations/culture in the workplace. They understand the issue and deliver unique/bespoke work!"

Peter Holten Mühlmann
CEO & Founder

"Tony and the team at People Playbook always manage to bring our leadership development programs to life. Our Managers and All Stars (High Potential program participants) learn a lot and have a huge amount of fun while doing so."

Leo Cunningham
Chief Information & Security Officer

"This team is amazing at what they do. They helped our leadership team on a number of items including developing our purpose, understanding each other and how to maximize our relationships. We spent two days with them and it was excellent from beginning to end. I don't think I stopped smiling throughout and I took a lot from the sessions."

Charlotte Batters
Head of People Operations

"Most L&D providers have their book of tricks, decks they roll out time and again and change the name of the company they are providing for. People Playbook take the specifications and creatively brainstorms ways to engage and get the most out of what you want to deliver. People Playbook are the best training providers out there by an absolute country mile."

Paul Dutnall
Head of Operations

"Tony has a unique and natural ability to disarm, unlock and reveal the key threads that allow people to really maximise their potential. He is able to be both a confidant, and a co-conspirator, and that creates an incredibly engaging environment that is extremely effective in getting to the things that will really move the needle. And, above all else, working with him is fun!"

Andrew Dolliver

"We worked with People Playbook on a bespoke event, which focused on networking and the goal of improving the relationships amongst our team. It was a pleasure working with them, collaborating on the design. They created and facilitated an exceptional workshop. We will definitely be partnering with them on future events."

Alan Large
Strategy and Transactions Director

"We worked with People Playbook on our bespoke event focusing on networking with the key aim of interaction amongst our team. It was a pleasure working with them designing the event and what they produced was exceptional. We will definitely be partnering with them on future events."